Tommy [Brenneck] from the Budos Band, the guitar player, he recorded my whole record. He was basically making that Budos Band record [“III”]; he’d get done with us and then run over to Brooklyn to mix Budos. I bought that record a few weeks ago and was blown away. It’s just perfect. It sounds like it’s the imaginary Tarantino soundtrack of the coolest, weird, evil, eerie funk. It’s just fat and full and almost has more in common sonically with a ’70s Black Sabbath record than anything else. Out of all of the bands from that crew, the Budos Band are by far my favorite to see live. I love the Ethiopian sinister melodies, and there’s one guy that through the whole show just plays a jug percussion for 45 minutes. Shh-sh-shh-sh. Three percussionists and a drummer. I had them play at my 33rd birthday in London. They all flew in for one night. It was the most surreal — I could tell they were completely out of it. I put them on the stage playing in this weird fancy dress in this English Manor house.
Mark Ronson, New York Times, October 1st

More from The Budos Band's '08 show at The Beat Club.  Blown away by the sound quality of these live clips (and, of course, by the band!).

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